Privacy Policy

DailyPromoPro is providing privacy for their online users. Kindly read the following privacy
policy completely to know that how DailyPromoPro protect the user’s personal information.
So the users can take complete benefit of offers that are provided by DailyPromoPro. Privacy
policy will be updated with new changes so make it sure to check it again and again. This
privacy policy statement only covers DailyPromoPro’s site.
Aggregated information:
Aggregated information is the information about the user, which page is visit or access by users
or the information which is given by the users at various pages. For example: DailyPromoPro
keep user’s information by collecting IP addresses; IP address is a number that is automatically
assigned to the user whenever user is connecting with internet. If a user wants to connect with
CouponORCode, server fulfills your request by using user’s IP address.
We use our user’s IP addresses to keep the information of web traffic or trends.
Use of Information:
DailyPromoPro search useful stores and information from authentic sources and use it with our
users. We do not keep passwords, we just keep tokens, which allow us to connect user’s account
of DailyPromoPro with other source or service provider. The information of user that is
collected by DailyPromoPro is use to enhance the services according to the user’s interest. So
users feel a good experience. DailyPromoPro only works with that authentic sources that
respect and care about our user’s privacy. But keep in mind that all authentic sources or other
websites that user access through DailyPromoPro have their own privacy policy and database
of user’s information that visit their site.
Use of Cookies:
DailyPromoPro use cookies for this site. Cookie is a data file that writes to user’s hard drive
for keeping record. Cookies allow and help DailyPromoPro to keep an eye on the activities of
the user on the site and to improve user’s experience. For example by keeping record of user’s
password and that pages that are visited more by the users.
Children and Privacy:
DailyPromoPro wants guardians and parents spend time with their children and keep any eye
on that sites, that are visited by their children.
Individuals under 13:
Children under 13 cannot provide or store their information on DailyPromoPro without the
permission of their parent or guardian. Children under 13 do not make the personal account on
DailyPromoPro or does not access the other authentic sources that are linked to
Links to Other Sites:
The sites or authentic sources that are link to DailyPromoPro have their own privacy policy.
That sites are not following the privacy policy of DailyPromoPro.
Effect of Privacy Policy:
This privacy policy does not create any legal or contractual rights on behalf of any party.
DailyPromoPro keep the rights to make changes in this privacy policy at any time and users will
be notified of any changes made.